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This company was created with a simply philosophy: "Let us do the deskwork so that the leadership of the association is free to create policy and do the job it was elected to do." As President you can't be expected to invoice each member when dues are payable. As Secretary you can't be expected to keep up with the minutes of previous secretaries. As Treasurer you should not be expected to be financially responsible for receipts prior to your term. The truth of the matter is this: as an elected representative you are responsible for the actions of the entire organization. Don't make those decisions in a vacuum. Get the facts you need to make intelligent decisions. We'll manage the business of your association while you manage the difficulties of the profession. Give us just a few simple answers, and we'll tell you how affordable this service can be.

Remember, there is no obligation. We will not call you. We'll spend about two hours preparing a serious proposal when you answer the following questions. If you have questions or would like to get additional information, I'll be happy to discuss details with you via e-mail. Additional references are provided by request.

Download a sample Management Contract for reference

To obtain a free quote from AMS please download the forms below and submit them to our offices.
The forms are available in Microsoft Word 1997-2003 (.doc) format for your convenience.

Association Information Form Request for Proposal (RFP) Guidelines
Sample RFP

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